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What Electric Bike Is Best For Me?

Now that The Flying Bike is selling Pedego electric bikes in Asheville, we are hearing some general questions about ebikes, and which style of bike is best suited for a rider. And specifically we’re asked which Pedego bike models fit a rider’s needs. While we think that our bikes are some of the easiest to ride and most reliable electric bikes out there (especially with their 5-year warranty!), we truly just want to see more people riding in Asheville, Hendersonville, and the Western North Carolina region, and that means finding the bike that works for you. Here is our guide to finding the best ebike.

What should newcomers to electric bikes consider when shopping for an ebike?
Ask yourself: What kind of bike riding do I want to do? How do I want to use an ebike to make my life more fun and easy? Do I want to bike like I used to when you were younger? Use it instead of a car, for errands, groceries, or carrying kids? Get off-road on mountain bike trails or gravel roads? Or, maybe not worry how much it feels like a bike at all, and go for a zippy but clean and quiet ride, like a motorcycle-lite.

The Flying Bike Recommends:
Pedego Boomerangs, Interceptors, and City Commuters for classic-looking, easy-to-ride bikes great for city streets, greenways, and smooth trails. All of these models are available with low step-thru frames that making getting on and off easy.

  • Pedego Stretch Cargo Bike and City Commuters for carrying kids and running errands, using their large and strong rear rack and available front racks/baskets.
  • Pedego Trail Tracker and Ridge Rider for off-road adventures on wider tires, with more grip. They can keep you climbing to great trails, but they’re also very capable and smooth rides on streets and greenways.
  • Pedego Element, our compact frame, fat-tire bike for an affordable but super fun and stable all-around bike. This versatile bike can carry your gear with an added rear rack, or it can scoot you around a campground or vacation community with ease. It’s also our lightest bike, making it easier to take anywhere.

How can I ensure the best fitting bike?
E-bikes typically come in small, medium, and large sizes, similar to regular (or analogue) bikes. But there are many one-size-fits-all ebikes, which use a relaxed and comfortable geometry, similar to a beach cruiser, that can work for riders of a wide range of heights and weghts. To get the best fit, it’s a good idea to work with a local shop. The great news is that perfect electric bike fit is a little less critical than with regular bikes. Because of the forces that you put on your legs, knees, and back when you exert yourself on a regular bike, being off-size by a small amount can lead to real pain. With ebikes, the hardest exertion is done by the bike, so as long as the range of your movement is comfortable you won’t need to worry about the damage of extreme force on muscles and joints.

The Flying Bike Recommends:

  • For folks under 5-foot 6-inches, one of the 24″ wheel models of a step-thru Boomerang, City Commuter, or Interceptor. But we’re finding that even taller riders prefer the stability that comes with these smaller frames.
  • For “average” sized riders (5-foot 6-inches to 6-foot) any of our 26-inch wheel models are great fitting options.
  • For taller riders, a 28-inch Classic Interceptor or City Commuter is great for around town. And a full-sized Ridge Rider or Trail Tracker would work well for off-road.


What types of bikes are right for different types of riders? Commuters vs. leisure riders, etc.?
a person riding a bicycle in front of a buildingElectric bikes are now available in just about as many riding styles as there are riders. Cargo bikes, capable of carrying kids and heavy loads, are great for going without a car and never needing to hunt for parking in urban areas. For recreational use, there are ebikes that ride and look like road bikes, gravel bikes, and mountain bikes. And for the work commuters, there are compact and even folding ebikes, complete with racks for your bag and fenders to keep you dry. And then when you just want to have a fun ride, look for the ebikes that are reminiscent of classic city bikes, or if you’re more adventurous, the ones that look and feel like retro motorcycles.

The Flying Bike Recommends:

  • All of our classic-looking bikes are good for all-around riding on streets and paths. Our more unique bikes open up other ride types. The Stretch Cargo can take you plus kids, groceries, gear, or even an adult passenger anywhere that you want to go. The Latch folding bike is an excellent option for travelers in RVs or boats, as well as those living in smaller spaces. Our offroad bikes, like the Trail Tracker, Ridge Rider and Element can roll over any surface, from the mountains to the sea.

What should people consider when it comes to maintenance?
With the advent of eBikes, bikes are starting to go the way of newer cars. It used to be, if you had the time to learn, you could be your own home car mechanic. But onboard computing and complicated systems have made that more difficult. Similarly, ebikes have some components (the battery, wiring, and motor) that are beyond the comfort zone of casual tinkerers. While you can do the basic maintenance of lubricating chains and fixing flats on your own, it’s best to look for eBikes that are backed by warranties, and even better local and knowledgeable service. Often the battery and motor account for 2/3 of the bike’s cost, so take care of them, but also have them covered by a warranty when possible. And a word of warning: Many local bike shops will not do work on electric bikes that aren’t sold by a reputable company that offers good documentation of their bikes’ systems and makes replacement part easily available.

The Flying Bike Recommends:

  • We think that riders who want to get the most out of their investment should take advantage of Pedego’s exceptional 5-year parts warranty and our local service department. We’re committed to answering questions and keeping your bike rolling over the life of the bike.
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