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We Believe Every Person Can Ride. Help Us Make It A Reality.

a group of people riding on the back of a bicycle


At The Flying Bike we have Accessibility as a core value, along with Community and Care. We work everyday to enable people of all ages, backgrounds, and physical abilities to ride our bikes, but our ultimate goal is to soon be able to say: “Anyone can ride a Flying Bike!”

To help make that a reality, we are asking our beloved community for help in purchasing one adaptive bike, which is a bike capable of moving riders with a full range of ability, including a wheelchair-bound person. These bikes, with upgraded motors strong enough to ascend Asheville’s hills, cost $8000-$12,000. That is no small sum. While we are asking for your generosity, we intend to match it with generosity. With this bike we will offer a program of free bike rides to those who have not been able to ride a traditional bike, regardless of their reason. And we will reward all donors with access to a Flying Bike experience. Please help us make biking in Asheville a joyful experience that is truly accessible to all.

Tiered Appreciation:

Any Donation: A Flying Bike Sticker and 20% off a rental or tour booking.

Donations of over $100 will receive one free 2-hour bike rental or tour booking.

Donations of over $250 will receive two free 2-hour bike rentals or tour bookings.

Donations of over $1000 will receive full-day bike rentals for up to 4 riders or a private and customized tour for up to 4 riders.


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