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Are You Looking for the Next Great Multi-Day Travel Destination?

Flying Bike Tours is your Partner for Adventure!

We believe in moving people. That is why we ride powerful bikes and tell powerful stories.

Flying Bike Tours offers guests the opportunity to go beyond the guidebook by offering curated experiences with deep respect for the multicultural heritage and history of our destinations, the environment, and the amazing people who call these locations their home.

Our tours are designed on the foundation of our company values; Freedom, Care, Connection, Access, Community, and Impact. 

We enjoy traveling the world by bike. Flying Bike Tours provide people the opportunity to explore places otherwise inaccessible or difficult to reach, immersed in the experience outside of the confines of a motor vehicle.

Flying Bike Tours operates multi-day e-bike tour packages in Asheville, North Carolina. Each tour package includes e-bike rentals, accommodation in personally selected lodges or boutique hotels, curated activities such as guided hikes, wildlife spotting, cultural experiences, and dining arrangements at local restaurants featuring regional and award winning cuisine. Our target market comprises active travelers aged 25-80, from across the world who are seeking to discover what makes Asheville, North Carolina and the Blue Ridge Mountains one of the top travel destinations in the country.

We make friends everywhere we go. Each tour seeks out the unique personalities and stories that breathe life into the location. Our multi-day tours aren’t a bike ride, they are an enriching experience where we ride our bikes.

Asheville is your Base Camp for Multi-Day Adventures.

The mountains invite you to discover a world without limits. As the largest city in Western North Carolina, Asheville offers visitors a vibrant cultural scene based on deep rooted traditions in food, craft, the arts, and the breathtaking beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Direct flights arrive daily to the Asheville airport from population hubs such as Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, New York, and Miami. For guests traveling from further afield, Charolette International Airport is only two hours away.

For a city with a population of less than 100,000, Asheville has a robust food and beverage industry. Local Chefs and Restaurants are featured regularly on the lists of James Beard Award nominees. And the local breweries are pulling in the wins at the Great American Beer Festival and the World Beer Cup.

Why Ride with Flying Bike Tours…

We can accommodate multiple  price points.

We will customize your tour for your individual needs.

When you ride with Flying Bike Tours you are supporting the community.

Carefully curated lodging and meals focused on quality, comfort, and unique to your destination.